Our Party

Candidate Nomination

  • To be completed earlier, with most by the end of 2018
  • Review and update of vetting process


  • The party faces a significant financial challenge in the absence of the per-vote-subsidy
  • I will train a new generation of fundraisers, following new fundraising strategies to address party finances for the long term


  • The back fighting, infighting and personal attacks on members, and the board must end. We will develop a culture of welcoming, and inclusion, where all will be encouraged to be part of positive change.
  • New, refined communications strategy focused on “The Liberal Team”

Our Province


  • Elect RHA boards, to provide community input and accountability to health care issues
  • Reverse the closure of Misericordia Urgent Care Centre, Mature Women’s Centre and other proven program
  • Switch to Patient based funding for RHAs, allowing funding to be applied where most needed
  • Ensure a strong focus on wellness and prevention of sickness, in particular with respect to brain and mental health


  • Stop the dumping of raw sewage by the City of Winnipeg into our rivers to help Lake Winnipeg
  • Improvements to flood prevention and planning – especially increased storage of water on the land to decrease fast run off
  • Work with northern communities, including all First Nations and Metis communities,  on improved forest fire prevention


  • Reinstate the Tuition Rebate for students after consulting with students to optimize the program
  • Provide for a provincial system of on-line learning to help people and communities throughout our province, including First Nation Metis and Inuit people

Children and Families

  • Implement a Universally Accessible Child Care system
  • End the current approach of apprehensions at CFS, and develop an integrated approach that better supports families so that fewer children need to come into care


  • Review and improve the provincial nominee program
  • Address and reduce racism and discrimination in Manitoba

The Economy

  • develop a new initiative to improve access to financing for small businesses in Manitoba
  • Invest in a learning centre in Winnipeg to train people for the skills needed in the economy of the future, and  to provide incubators for entrepreneurs